True Law Of Attraction

As many people have discovered, due to the explosively popular book and movie The Secret, the Law of Attraction is working in our lives without exception in every way.

Simply put, it is the general rule that whatever energy we put out into the universe we get back.

In other words, our lives are a direct reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

To help you get a better understanding of how this works in your life (and in everyone's life too), I've created this site to explain it in terms that you can understand.

Let's get started then, from the beginning:

What is the Law of Attraction?

law of attractionIt is a very real power closely related to the Laws of Nature and Physics which we all obey whether we know it or not and is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration.

To make that clearer, you first need to accept one of the basic concepts of quantum physics.

That concept is that everything in the universe (us included) is made up of one element:


Energy combines to create many different forms of MATTER but in every way it comes into form, its essence is a level of vibration that we can measure with sensitive instruments.

What that means is that a rock, an ocean, the air we breathe and the humans and animals that breathe it are all made up of the basic building blocks of energy and we all vibrate at different rates, depending on our current state of being.

A rock that is left alone will always vibrate on the same frequency because it has no way to change its frequency of vibration. But if you were to heat that rock by placing it in the sun in a hot desert, its vibratory rate would change as its temperature rose.

A similar thing works with us humans. We can change the vibratory rate of our bodies by changing the predominant emotion we are experiencing at any given moment. Since our thoughts control our emotions, whatever is uppermost in our minds at a given time will also dictate the emotional state we are in.

Thought is energy too: and it can (and has been) measured by scientists.

The Power of Thought

When you can accept that thought is a form of energy and like all energy forms it vibrates on a certain frequency depending on its state.

Because we can change our thoughts and therefore change the frequency of vibration of those thoughts, we have the power within us to affect what we attract, since like energy (frequency) attracts like energy.

So when we are thinking positive thoughts, like when we're feeling happy or elated, our bodies are put into a positive rate of vibration which attracts other energy forms that are vibrating in the same frequency. In other words, we attract positive things to us because that's the way we are feeling.

Therefore, if you are a negative person that feels like the worst case scenario is usually what's going to happen, then this is exactly what will be reflected in your life. However, if you are eternally optimistic and radiate positive energy, then this is also what will show up in your life.

The True Law of Attraction that I describe in this website takes the law from books like The Secret and helps you actually apply it in your life. This natural law is very real. And those that truly understand how it works will be able to use it immediately in their own lives to get amazing results.

The Purpose of this Website

My goal is to help you get there.

One of the misconceptions about this natural attractive state we can all manifest (if we know how to) is that you can just wish for things to happen and then expect them to magically appear out of thin air.

That's NOT how things works! As The Secret discusses, thinkers and philosophers throughout history have known about this amazing concept and applied it to their lives.

However, not everyone is aware of or understands how the concept works, which is probably why the authors decided to call their book The Secret. I hope that my website will help people understand and be able to use the attractive power of this Law in their lives starting TODAY.

Desire Leads to Action

What understanding this Law does is empower you to start taking ACTION in your life in order to get what you want, whether that means material success, improving your relationships, losing weight, or succeeding in school.

The true essence of this attractive Law is about changing how you think and who you are at the core, in order to act in such a way as to “attract” what you want into your life. The major precept here is about being, thinking, doing, and receiving. It's that simple.

But if it were that easy then everyone would simply have whatever it is that they want right?

The reason it's not as simple as it sounds is because although the law of attraction itself is simple, and the steps in the process to become a master of your destiny are easy to understand, it can be very difficult for some of us to implement them in our lives because we have been programmed in other ways.

For example, think about your childhood and the environment in which you grew up. You have been conditioned for your entire life to think, behave, and act in certain ways. This conditioning comes from many sources such as our school teachers, parents, peers, TV, advertising, and many other stimuli.

Forge a New Way of Thinking

new thinkingWhat we can do by understanding the concept is to re-program or re-condition ourselves so that we become the masters of our destiny rather than just some pawns in a game played by others.

Tony Robbins calls this "neuro-conditioning" because we are literally conditioning the neuro-pathways in our brains to forge new connections.

It is these connections that, once forged, allow us to create new habits and therefore, new lives. It is by changing the habitual ways in which we think and act that will lead to REAL change in our lives.

This is what the True Law of Attraction is all about.

With the help of my website, I hope that you will come to realize the true power that lies within you, and use the Law to achieve whatever it is you desire in your life.

Countless others have been sitting in that very spot where you are now, looking for something to help change their lives for the better.

If you truly want to change your life, then start right NOW.

Learn about this powerful and incredibly actionable Law and how you can use it to build the life of your dreams. And never look back!