True Wealth

Obviously when discussing true wealth there is going to be a monetary component. After all, how can one be truly wealthy if they don't have enough money to pay for food, transportation, and other necessities?

But true wealth is so much more than just having a lot of money.

True wealth is a reflection of a combination of factors in one's life, or in other words, having the right balance.

Attaining true wealth means that we have invested in our health, our families, our mental attitude AND our careers.

true wealthIt means we spend some time and energy on each important aspect of our lives so that we are never totally focused on any one thing, which usually causes major problems.

It's well known that one of the major causes of marital discord is when one person in the marriage is a workaholic.

How can you build a loving relationship when you're never around?

It's important to earn enough money to be able to provide for your family, but we also need to think about the cost in terms of intangibles.

Never Lose Sight of What's Truly Important

Basically, we need to make sure that we never lose site of the initial reasons that we set out to earn a lot of money to begin with.

After all, is it really worth it to become financially wealthy if you lose your family or your health in the process?

If you have to let your life get out of balance to the point where you're strained in some serious way, then this is a sure sign that a major change might be in order. What this change would be is up to each individual person being in tune enough with what they want, to be able to make an accurate evaluation as to what is the best course of action.

You MUST Invest in Discovering Who You Are

Again we come back to taking the time to invest in knowing yourself and what you want.

Without a solid foundation of knowing who you are, who you want to be, and where you're going, then every decision you make in life is more difficult because your thoughts lack clarity.

If you have spent sufficient time investigating in your character deeply on the other hand, many of the major decisions you'll make in life will be quite easy because you have a map that tells you where you're going.

It's just like if you want to take a trip somewhere. How can you get there if you don't know where you're going? A map won't help you much. This is what Socrates and Shakespeare meant when they said "know thyself" and "to thine own self be true."

We simply have to take the time to learn to create wealth.

Most things in life aren't as simple or easy as we'd like them to be. But they can become that way once we're ready to make the proper investment. You don't learn how to become a lawyer without investing in law school and all of the hard work that it entails.

You don't learn how to become wealthy without investing in learning about finance and investments. You also don't get where you want to be in your life without investing great time and energy in knowing what it is that you do want and why you want it. Once you do however, you'll be amazed at how fast you get there.

The great motivational speaker Earl Nightingale once defined success as the "progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal." This is a beautiful definition because it doesn't mean that you have to get to a certain place in order to feel or be successful.

A Wonderful Definition of Success

The key is to continuously work to get where you want to go and you'll ALREADY be successful.

When you do this, it's almost a certainty that you WILL eventually get to where you're going so long as you don't quit! This definition helps us psychologically to know that we're on the right track and spur us onward.

This will help keep us motivated while also understanding a powerful truth. You are successful if you THINK you are. Who else is going to tell you whether or not you're wealthy and successful? If we let others define us and various aspects of our lives then we'd NEVER be successful because everyone has different definitions.

Not only that, but if we think of wealth how most people think of it, which is simply to have accumulated a lot of money, then that would mean that all rich people are wealthy, which is not true if their life is out of balance and they aren't happy.

The converse though is also not true, which is that rich people are greedy or that it's better to be happy and poor than rich. Actually, it's better to be rich AND happy AND have a great work, love, family, and health balance. Is it possible to achieve this?


Start Today!

It's too important to delay pursuing your dreams!

Start today consuming every book, podcast, and program that you can on success, health, wealth, and abundance. Wash your mind with positive messages and images until you BELIEVE 100% that you can achieve whatever it is that you want!

If human beings can be trained to hate as deeply as the Nazis were trained by Hitler, then it's clear that we can also be trained, or train ourselves, to love and create as powerfully as Jesus, Mother Teresa, or Gandhi.

Every single human being has within them the power to become great and to achieve wealth in all of its forms. But you have to believe you can, nobody can do it for you.

Just remember this, true wealth is not having a lot of money. True wealth is having the ability to create money in abundance, while also loving yourself and others, and to continue learning throughout the rest of your life.

If you haven't already started, start on the journey TODAY, and don't look back!

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