Belief is the Key to Success

In order to achieve success using the Law of Attraction we must believe deeply in our dream, because belief is the key to attaining true success in our lives.

But How Do We Get There?

So we understand that one of the keys to achieving our goals or generally building the life that we want is that we have to believe in ourselves.

That sounds simple enough, but how do we get there when our beliefs about who we are tell us a different story than what we want?

belief is the key to successA lot of people have traumatic pasts, childhoods where they were constantly told that who they wanted to be wasn't "realistic", or experiences that simply made them feel like they don't deserve to or could not have what they want in life.

Most of us have had to overcome some of the above situations, and all of us have had to overcome at least some serious challenges in our lives to get to where we are today. The key to using the law of attraction to change our negative beliefs about ourselves is to simply start... TODAY.

Change Your Programming

For people who have been programmed or conditioned their entire lives to think a certain way or believe a certain thing, it is going to take some time to change. These kinds of beliefs are deeply rooted and are usually a part of our identities.

The way that I was successfully able to throw off my limiting beliefs was through a long process of reading, reflecting, meditating, thinking, studying, and interacting with others who could help guide, mentor, and push me to continually grow.

Think about this way. We were all raised in a society that conditioned us to think and feel a certain way about everything, from how to react to conflict, to what to believe about school, sports, working, relationships etc.

Think Differently

It's not an easy thing to just throw all of that deep conditioning off and start thinking in a different way. BUT the great news is that if we start changing today, we can gradually begin to change our most deeply rooted beliefs and thoughts and shift them toward those that help us create the life that we want.

Essentially, we need to re-train our minds to think in a positive way that affirms who we are, supports the idea that we can become whoever we want, and reinforces the notion that there is NOTHING limiting us except OURSELVES.

If They Can Do it, So Can We!

In my experience, people usually resist the above ideas if they have a history of negative thinking or are in situations in their lives that provide serious challenges, such as poverty, having experienced great loss, serious injuries etc.

It can be easy to look at some people's lives and think, "Boy, they've got a rough situation there, maybe it's not so simple for them."

It's true that it will take more work for some people than others to change their lives from negative to positive, let alone begin building the life of their dreams and living with true inspiration. The good news is that examples of people that have done just that are abundant.

Let's start with Helen Keller. Her famous story is a perfect example of how someone overcame great adversity to live an amazing life.

Granted, she had the help of her unbelievable teacher, Anne Sullivan, and seems to have had an extraordinary intelligence. But she was deaf AND blind! How many people do you think could have overcome what she did?

Helen Keller Used the Law of Attraction

The key to Helen Keller's success was belief that she could learn to communicate with others, and a burning desire to make it happen.

It also took the strong belief from her teacher that she could do it as well. The combined power of both of their attitudes of strong belief is what led to her success.

This is the Law in action. They put immense energy out into the universe communicating an extremely strong belief AND desire for Helen to learn how to communicate despite being severely handicapped, and they succeeded within only a few short years.

Nelson Mandela Used the Law of Attraction

Another great example of the kind of adversity that we are talking about here is the story of Nelson Mandela, who at the time of this writing has only just passed away two days ago.

Nelson Mandela had no political connections or wealth as a young man. Yet he overcome unbelievable obstacles in his life and became one of the greatest leaders OF ALL TIME.

By the time he was in his twenties, Nelson Mandela was the leader of the resistance movement against Apartheid in South Africa. He was charged with trumped up crimes and sentenced to life in prison!

After serving 27 years of his sentence, not only did Mandela emerge as the leader of the entire nation, but successfully healed a country that had been living under extreme oppression for decades.

He did this without bitterness in his heart and with no violence whatsoever. He used the amazing power of this powerful, attractive law to build a support system of millions of people.

Through Mandela's super intense BELIEF in the value and dignity of human life, he was able to do what seemed unbelievable to everyone else. It's almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to live in prison, with only 30 minutes of visitation per year, and many hours of hard labor every single day, for nearly 30 years.

The story of Nelson Mandela is a stark example of the power of belief and persistence to overcome any and all obstacles that are put before us. If Helen Keller and Nelson Mandela can do what they did despite overwhelming obstacles, then surely we can overcome our relatively minor challenges to build the life that we want.

We Live in a Time of Abundance

We have been born at a time in history with the LEAST amount of prejudice, the MOST abundance, the MOST freedom, and the MOST knowledge of ANY time in history!

The excuses as to why we don't succeed are thin in this situation, and really make no sense at all.

Let me end this post by urging you to think deeply about what limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back. Once we identify those beliefs we can then trace them back to their source and begin to create new more empowering beliefs.

After we are able to change our beliefs, little by little, through hard work and intense focus, the journey will get easier and easier. As we continue to build new beliefs and create new feelings about who we are and the world that we live in, our lives will begin to change.

This may take weeks or it may take years, but through gaining an understanding of the law of attraction and intense focus, the end results is practically guaranteed.

That should be encouraging!