Teaching the Law of Attraction (to Others)

One of the ways you can spread the word about the power of the Law of Attraction is by teaching it to others as a certified practitioner to as many people as you can manage.

It is a great way of awakening more people to the concept while helping them to improve their own lives by following the discoveries that you have personally made along your journey.

The first thing you will probably be wondering is how you can gain certification to become a practitioner and then what you need to do in order to get your message across to a wider audience.

Becoming a Law of Attraction Practitioner

teaching the law of attraction to othersThe best way of becoming a certified tutor in this field is to make sure you have learned all you can about it and then take (and pass) a recognized examination that will provide you with the certificate you can hang on your wall.

There are several such courses already available online, negating the need to even attend a real life classroom.

One of my favorites that trains and certifies you to start teaching the law to others is a Law of Attraction certification program course that has been created by one of the presenters in the movie "The Secret" and a contributor to the book, Dr Joe Vitale in association with best selling author and NLP expert Dr Steve G. Jones. You can get a copy of this course by clicking this link:

Get the Joe Vitale Law of Attraction Practitioner Course

It's currently available for a very affordable price that you pay as a one-time fee and for that you get the entire set of course materials and the final exam at the end that you can take by correspondence (email). When you've completed the course in your own time, you take the exam.

The exam is not easy, but all the information you'll need is in the course books for you to learn, as you naturally will do. You can make pretty sure that you'll pass the exam because you are so interested in becoming a practitioner and so passionate about it that you will naturally attract a pass!

Teaching the Law to Students

law of attraction practitioner certificationOnce you have acquired your certificate as a teacher, the next step is to take it out of your personal space and into the wide world.

It's not as daunting as you might first believe for a number of reasons.

First, you're passionate about this concept and you want to talk about it and tell people about it, so there's no reason to feel shy or reserved about sharing your newly acquired knowledge with others. The best way is to start by holding fairly informal coffee mornings with people you already know that show an interest in the Law of Attraction.

From there, you will gain momentum and word of mouth will insure you attract more people to your circle. Eventually you will be able to take it to a classroom, perhaps one you can use at a local school in the evenings or at a church or community center, for example.

Don't be afraid to charge your students a fee for teaching them! You can turn this into a small business enterprise and actually make a pretty decent living from it when you organize yourself properly and get several classes started.

Reaping What You Sow

One of the teachings of this amazing law is that you truly reap whatsoever you sow in terms of taking your knowledge and doing something positive with it. By that I mean taking it to the people in classrooms, lectures, gatherings or other way of getting in front of the people who want to learn this and teaching it to them.

The more popular you become as a teacher, the more people will come to your classes and the more money you can reasonably charge for your services.

This is how it can be possible to directly to become a practitioner in this field to attract to you financial stability while doing what you love doing so much it doesn't even feel like working!