One Minute Prayer to Manifest Wealth

Instead of going to all the trouble to learn a one minute prayer to manifest wealth, why not have it recorded so you can listen and speak along with it?

Well that's exactly what I'm covering in this article!

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I heard about this cool pre-recorded set of positive affirmations for acquiring money, abundance and prosperity in the form of a simple prayer and thought that it's a great idea!

So I'm sharing this clever manifestation program with you so you can decide if you want to get it too.

The Divine Prayer

one minute prayer to manifest wealthThe product is called ″The Divine Prayer″ and its creator is credited as being John Fisher, who also narrates the pre-sales video.

It costs $67 for the digital download, which is highly convenient and there is no waiting for delivery of a physical product to contend with.

The program includes:

One of the main plus factors is that you reinforce your unconscious attractive force for abundance by listening to, reading and hearing the affirmations repeatedly.

You don't need to spend time writing out endless scripts using trial and error to see if they even work. It's all done for you by experts in the field of wealth manifestation and the law of attraction.

Does the One minute Prayer Deliver Results?

It's perfectly natural to wonder if this simple, one-minute prayer program delivers the results it claims to.

Well, that depends.

If you are already well versed in the concept of manifestation, you'll agree that results come to the person that puts all their faith and energy into whichever process they are working with. This one is no different.

As long as you use the material consistently and with a positive mindset, good things can come to you in the form you desire. This is because the law of attraction works from the inside out and back from the outside in, when both sides of the process are in harmony.

I have much personal experience with realizing results from consistent and repeated use of positive affirmations and meditation to reduce stress and promote a healthy mindset. This is what attracts good into my life and as long as you radiate good, good will be attracted into your life too.

Pros and Cons of The Divine Prayer

As with every product that is on sale, there are benefits and downsides to this one that I'll cover here:



Summary: Should You Buy It?

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The Divine Prayer is an easy-to-use program that provides value for the price and can be very effective when used as per instructions.

It has long been understood that prayers and affirmations can combine into helpful personal development rituals. This is especially so when used in conjunction with real effort and lifestyle changes.

I found it to be quite relaxing and uplifting while listening to the recorded prayer over and over. I liked the concept of simply listening to a series of positive affirmations because I'm pretty lazy, but I also felt energized by reading and speaking the words as I was hearing them.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to get it or not depends on your level of belief and your desire to raise your vibration through easy directed meditative steps.

Date Posted: May 11, 2024

Author: Ronda Guest